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1. Onion Flakes release their natural flavor quicker than traditional onions, adding more taste to your cooking.

2. The grainy texture of the flakes is perfect for making a thick, rich gravy or an aromatic soup without much effort.

3. They can be used as a topping for garlic bread, pizza bread, etc. It just adds a crunchy taste to your food.

4. These flakes are great for cooking rice and pasta. Their strong flavor will add taste to the rice.

5. Onion Flakes can be used as a seasoning and spices like salt, pepper, and ginger to create traditional recipes like “Korma.”

6. They can be added to soups/stocks to help with flavor and texture.

7. They are very popular as an alternative to breadcrumbs. Since they are much smaller and easier to use, they can be added to many dishes.


Organic Onion Flakes

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