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Melons & Pumpkins

Over the warmer months, the crops we focus on harvesting are Seedless Watermelons, Kent Pumpkins and Apple Cucumbers.  These varieties withstand and thrive in our warmer climate ensuring quality produce at time of harvest.


The Seedless Watermelon is just like regular watermelons, without the pip-spitting.  They have the same trademark two-toned green skin and juicy aromatic sweet flesh. However, unlike traditional watermelons which have large seeds, this variety contains small white seeds that are soft and completely edible.  It’s also a tasty source of vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin B6.


Kent Pumpkins also known as a Jap pumpkin, has ribbed, grey-green mottled skin and deep yellow flesh.  These sweet varieties are perfect for salads and baked dishes. It stores well and is popular in Australia’s hotter climates. It also packs impressive health benefits being an excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C and fibre.


Apple Cucumbers have white to yellow-green skin and white flesh.  They are shorter and have a more rounded, oval shape than the common cucumber.  As for texture and taste, they are crisp like an apple and have a mild sweet flavour.  Best eaten raw, this variety is a good source of fibre and vitamin C.


Overall production of our crops requires a high level of input, management and grower sophistication, which is what we have mastered at Wilamay.  Our hardworking team are dedicated to supplying the nation with nutritious and delicious produce every day.

Wilamay Farms Melons
Wilamay Farms Melons


Seedless watermelons are sterile hybrids that develop fruits, but no seeds.



 The Kent has ribbed, grey-green mottled skin and a nutty, deep yellow flesh. It's great mashed, roasted or steamed.



Apple cucumbers have white to light yellow-green skin and white flesh.  They are crisp like an apple and have a mild sweet flavour.

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