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Our Story

Welcome to our farm!


We are a third-generation farming family with our farms located in the Salad bowl of Lockyer Valley and Somerset region, surrounded by beautiful hills and creeks. Our love for the land started with the generations before growing traditional vegetables. Over the course of time, each generation found their own way of farming which brings us to where we are today.


Our motto - Healthy soil grows healthy plants. We are strong believers in caring for the land, keeping our soils healthy and happy, enabling us to grow our clean leafy greens, vegetables, and garlic. After many years of nurturing our farmland, learning more about the soil we were able to move into Organics, with each farm now including a Certified Organic block.

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Healthy farms aren’t just about the soils and following correct farming practises it’s also about the people – our people, our team.


Healthy farms, great farming practises and an awesome reliable team allows us to supply our customers with our best products, every day.

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